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Photo curtesy of Barrie Speedway


Photo curtesy of Christian Theriault.


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May 28

Well, What started as a bad night only got worse. Coming off of our strong run at Barrie Speedway the week before we had high hopes for this past weeks race at Sunset, that hope quickly went away as the J-bar weld broke during practice. We quickly took it off and had it welded up and put it back in to get a few more practice sessions.
Heat 1
Mike started 3rd in the first heat and was trying for the lead but the two front cars were running side by side holding him up, Mike tried for the inside not knowing the 31 car was still on the outside and Mike ended up running into the 03 car spinning him around. Mike was sent to the back of the pack and couldn't move up any positions.
Heat 2
Mike started at the back of the pack in the second heat and couldn't get the car to hook up and finished at the back again.
In the feature Mike started 18th and the car was handling much better. Mike stayed paitient throughout the race avoiding a few wrecks until he was in the top 10 when a bunch of cars checked up and he ran into the back of the 26 car causing significant damage to the front end. Mike pulled the car off the track and got back out, Mike strated to make up ground until a car tried to make it 3 wide in the corner and sent a bunch of cars spinning, Mike slowed up behind the 72 car of Ron tracy and then got rear ended by the 26 car sending him into the back of the 72 car. The rear end was all bent up and the fuel cell guard was bent up into the fuel cell, in the front end the rad and fan were destroyed and all the ducting was smashed. The car had quite a significant amount of damage but mostly cosmetic, we are hoping to get the car out for saturday to race the Barrie Speedway invitational.
Brendan Doherty in the #15 4-fun car got his first top 10 finish of the season, he placed 6th in this past weeks race and hopes to get that first checkered flag soon.

Barrie Invitational

Barrie Speedway had its first 50 lap invitational this past weekend and we decided to head up north to the new tri-oval speedway. We had a few practise sessions and the car was working ok but the engine was breaking down, on our last practise session we had the himend on the j-bar break. luckily we were alble to get it welded back together and get out for qualifying. Our car was still breaking down but was handling really good and we managed to qualify in the 8th position. We were working franticly on the engine trying to get it to stop breaking down but couldnt and in the first heat we only gained one position. We worked on the engine some more and finaly fixed it and we had outside pole for our second heat. We managed to gain the lead and stay there throuought the race to win the heat. We Started pole for the feature and we belived the car was in contention for the win, we lead the race for about six laps when the himend on the j-bar broke and put us out of the race. Our car was awesome and we hope to do just as well at Sunset next week.

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2005 Season Starts!

This weeks practice was a bit wet, we decided not to go because of the weather and i believe many teams did the same. We are hoping that its not raining this weekend so we can go racing!

Weekend Warior Series

The Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series is a program designed to promote grassroots stock car racing in Ontario. There is no combined series, no traveling series, no inter-track competition. Instead, this series encourages drivers to compete at local tracks on a frequent and supportive basis. It rewards fans, drivers, promoters and promotional partners through cooperative construction of a solid amateur entry and development level stock car racing program across Ontario. Through the Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series, the top 40 drivers across the province are recognized for their efforts.

The Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series is the cooperative effort of multiple regular event stock car racing facilities to provide a training and development arena for stock car racers. Participating race tracks share their schedules, rule books and development plans with one another in an effort to create a “level playing field” for competitors, and to encourage participants to enjoy their hobby at the highest available level of competition. Drivers who participate in the premier division of their own local track compete with other drivers doing the same at other facilities. Drivers register at the track(s) of their choice, and membership fees are set by each individual track. No additional sign-up fees are required in order to compete in the Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series. All registered drivers at participating tracks are automatically eligible to earn a share of the Lucas Oil Weekend Warrior Series points fund.

Lucas Oil Products is the foundation sponsor of this weekly grassroots racing series. As the program develops and unfolds, we see additional sponsors and tracks participating, with Lucas as the title and foundation sponsor.

What's New?

most of the car is finished, we will be ready for this week at Barie Speedway
june 01, 2005

The race car is just about finished with only a few minor things left. We are hoping to get the car painted later on this week and also to lettered the week after.

05/08/05 - photos added.

Gordon dominates at 'Dega!


Jeff Gordon led 139 laps, which allowed him to miss both multi-car accidents, on his way to victory in Sunday's Aaron's 499 at Talladega. It was his 72nd career win, leaving him four behind Dale Earnhardt for sixth place all-time.

Biffle wins Samsung/Radioshack 500!


FORT WORTH, Texas -- It took Greg Biffle a little while to overcome the mental and physical discomfort from a crash in practice at Texas Motor Speedway.

It took hardly any time at all for him to make the rest of the field feel bad in Sunday's Samsung/RadioShack 500.

After charging from the rear of the 43-car field in a backup car, the Roush Racing driver was overpowering Sunday, leading 219 of 334 laps to grab his second victory of the season and the fifth of his career