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2005 Race Reports

May 7:

the start of the 2005 season is under way. In our first heat the car was handling poorly and we ended up going to back, we adjusted the car a liitle bit for the second heat and it seemed to help a little as we finished 5th. In the feature we started 14 and dodged a few incidents but ended up with some rear end damage, i believe we finished 10th or 11th. We are going to change the transmission for next week as the car wasn't reving high enough and adjust the setup a little.

2004 Race Reports

July 31

This past Saturday was Bentley Motorsports best finish of the season.

Heat 1: We drew 39 for the first heat race and had to start at the back but we gained a few positions at the end.

Heat 2: We started outside pole but quickly moved to third on the start, we managed to move to second and finished there. This is our best heat race finish this year.

Feature: We started on pole this past Saturday and on the start We moved back to second, We worked our way past the 26 car for lead and we lead for a few laps when a caution came out. On the restart Mike thought the yellow was out and slowed on the back stretch but quickly got back on the gas when another caution came out. We were running third when a hard charging Brendan Adams was on our tail but we manged to hold him off for a third place finish. After the race in tech we were docked 2 positions for being a little low on the left side.

July 24

Another good weakend for Bentley Motorsports! We managed our third top ten of the year.

Heat 1: Before the heat we noticed a squeking noise in the front end and we took the upper ball joint apart to make sure it was not broken, it turned out it was the upper control arm, When we got in the crash a few weaks ago it bent the upper control arm slightly, we manged to make it out but started at the back and moved up a few positions.

Heat 2: We started at the back for the second heat and moved up a few posotions.

Feature: We started 13 in the feature, and moved up to about 11th when the #12 car slowed up to a stop while we were behind him causing some damage to our air duct and hood, we managed to get back out and stated from the back. We slowly moved up to finish 7th. This is our third top ten of the year.

July 10

This week was a hard one getting the car ready for the races on saturday. We got to the track a 6:30 missing all the practices but just making it for the drivers meeting.

Heats: In our first heat the car was not handling to good since we did not have the time to get the car setup. We started second and picked up lead but dropped off early to back finishing 8th. In our second heat we got the car dialed in but only gained one position and finished 7th.

Feature: In the feature we started 20th dou to not having enough points gathered in the heat races we had to start at the back again. On the start we got stuvk behind a slow car and we got freighttrained on the inside putting us back even further but the car was handling good and we kept on moving up. with some help from the cautions we found ourselves batling for 12th position against the #72 car of Ron Tracy. We ran this way for about 10 laps when coming for the white flag the #19k spun out and we went by to finish the race in 10th. This is our second top ten this year and we hope to make it a third in two weeks. Congratulations to Ken Bemrose with his second feature win of the year.

July 3

Luck was not on our side this past weekend.

Practise: In the second practise session we blew our tranny, We did not bring our spare transmision to the track forcing us to borrow a trany of someone. Lucky Ken Bemrose had a spare and he was willing to lend it to us for the rest of the day. Thanks to Bemrose Racing for the transmission.

Heat 1: We were unable to make it out for this race because we were putting the transmion in the car.

Heat 2: We made it out for this race but got held up behind slower cars and only advanced one position.

Feature: We were only two laps into the feature when we were stuffed into the wall going into corner 1. The car substained a lot of damage to the front and back. The horn on the front of the car was bent and the front bumper was scrap. We are hoping to get out this upcoming saturday.

June 26

Finaly! We got the car working this weekend and it showed in the feature race. In the feature we started on the pole position and lead the race for 5 laps when the #50 got underneith us and others followed. we moved back to the 8th place and hung on there for the rest of the race. This is Bentley Motorsports first top ten this year and we are very happy with our finish and hope to do even better next week.

June 19

This weekend was not a good weekend for Bentley motorsports. After taking the car in to get setup the car was still handling poorly with bad finishes in all 3 heats. we were lucky to escape this weekend withount any damage to our car.

May 29

We finaly had some nice weather this week and we had the car ready aswell. our car was not handling good but we made the necesary changes for the feature. We started the feature in 5th and fell back to 6 on the start, after the first caution the car started to over heat and the car also developed a bad push forcing us further back in the field. finaly after the second caution we pulled off and poured some water on the rad and took off the hood. the water temperature stayed low enouph to finish the race and our car substained a little rear and right side damage. I would like to thank Adams Motorsports for the two pictures of our car.

May 15

We were unable to get the car ready for this week but will be there for next week.

may 8

Again the weather was bad for this race and it seemed to let up right before racing started. we had a much better race this week until we got to the feature. we started outside poll and led the race for six laps when Ron Lethbridge got underneath us for first, we moved back to third when out throttle stuck coming out of corner 2 and manged to shut it of but got tangled up with the #16 of Amanda Connolly. The damage was quite significant, we bent the rear end and have a lot of body damage.

May 1

May 1, our first race of the seanson and things did not look so well up in the sky but we still managed to get the races under way. The Feature was like one you would see at the end of the year, cars bouncing of each other and crashing. The weather had a large role to play in it aswell because the track was still green and damp aswell. In the feature we started towards the back and made are way up a little bit until we were spun out. We manged to finish 13 overal in the feature.

April 25

Practise went great yesterday, there were a lot of drivers there for a practise. The new body looked great on the car and we even put the first scuff mark on the front nose when I got into ken bemrose, ooops!. The car is getting letered tuesday and will be ready for the first race of the season

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